About AHI & History

Agape Harvest Institute (AHI) is an international leadership training centre and a pre-university education institution that is dedicated to training and equipping leaders for Business, Science & Technology, Government, Ministry, Music and Family. AHI is a school of Business, Science & Technology that is specialized in high technology education and using cutting-edge technology for the training and equipping of our students. Our vision is to become Africa’s No.1 Technology Education Institution. Acquire your internationally recognized Diploma in I.T, Web Development, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource, Project Management, Legal Studies, Theology, Languages, etc. AHI is accredited by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

AHI was founded in 2015 by Apostle Darlington Yeboah as a Bible School (School of Ministry), School of Information Technology, Entreprenuership, Leadership, School of Languages and a Centre for Christian Marriage Counselling.

Within really a very short time, AHI is expanding and multiplying out of the borders of Accra, Ghana, where its headquarters is located, to other regions and countries in Africa and around the world.

Our mission is really simple, to make high quality practical education accessible to the youth and aged in Africa and around the world, to equip them to be able to equip others in order to create and open up opportunities to all.

Our vision is to raise and equip leaders with high quality practical education in every city and nation on the face of the earth and to become Africa’s No.1 Technology Education Institution.

Currently, over 1,000 students have already been trained by this school and testimonies from graduate students are almost next to unbelievable.

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Our courses include the following: