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 Agape Harvest Institute has over the years received the reputation for training exceptional website designers. Our 8 weeks Web Business Seminar has gained international recognition and over 1,000 students have been trained. Products of our Web Business Seminar have started their own businesses and many have also gotten jobs and are earning good income. Web design is our passion and we have decades of experience and an undeniable track record.

Now allow us to introduce to your our Diploma in Web and Graphic Design. If our 8 weeks Web Business Seminar has made such an impact, then imagine what will happen when you are constantly trained for 2 years. This 2 years intense programme will fully equip you to become a complete web and graphic designer. You will understand front-end design look and feel very well, you will understand HTML5 and CSS3 coding, you will understand back-end design, build your own designs from scratch and be a complete web designer.

We specialize in on-the-job training, so our approach is practical and we do all our best to make sure that either you graduate to run your own business as an entrepreneur or you get a well paid job on the market. If you want to be a good website designer then look no where else. In short, we will equip you to lead!

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Class schedule: Weekday school (Mon to Fri), Weekend school (Sat & Sun) or Online school (Anytime).
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Hostel facilities also available!

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Diploma in Web and Graphic Design

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  • Duration: 2 years
  • Certificates: Yes